Why An Octopus Is Better Than Your Boyfriend?

Posted by - August 10, 2017

Octopuses are awesome! Yes, there we have said it. Residing deep down the vast sea, these creatures are those who can pose serious competition to your boyfriend. You think we are kidding? We KID YOU NOT. Here are the reasons why you should choose an octopus as your next boyfriend. Unbound smartness Well, scientifically proven


Is There Really A Way To Behave After A Break Up?

Posted by - August 8, 2017

We have all been at the end of the rope. We all have either ruined things, or have had some other person end things for us. It is actually, one of those touching spaces where no one ever wants to be. It is very embarrassing. But do you know what’s even more gauche? It is


Why Modern Relationships are Diminishing So Easily Today?

Posted by - August 3, 2017

Why are relationships so tough now? Why are we unsuccessful at love every time, in spite of trying so hard? Why have people all of a sudden become so hopeless at making relations work? Is this because we have we have forgotten how to feel affection? Or on the worse part, forgotten what love is?

13 Reasons Why

5 Tips On Life That You Can Learn From 13 Reasons Why

Posted by - May 17, 2017

The Netflix original that everyone thought to be another teenage drama to a twisted turn and now stands as one of the most watched TV series. This series is extremely intense and touches the deepest of the emotions of the viewers. Indeed it is something that has the high chance of leaving you emotionally exhausted.