Why Modern Relationships are Diminishing So Easily Today?


Why are relationships so tough now? Why are we unsuccessful at love every time, in spite of trying so hard? Why have people all of a sudden become so hopeless at making relations work? Is this because we have we have forgotten how to feel affection? Or on the worse part, forgotten what love is?

We are not set. We are not ready for the surrenders, for the settlements, for the unrestricted love. We are not geared up to put in all that it takes to make a connection work. We look for easy things. We are cowards. It just takes a single obstacle to make us fall down to our feet.


It’s not the love that we are looking for in our life, it is just the pleasure and adventure in life. We look forward to someone to watch movies and party with, rather than the one who supports us in our thick and thin. We just spend time together rather than making memories. We run away from the dull life. We do not look for a partner for life, but for someone who can make us feel liveliness every now and then. When the enthusiasm fades, we realize that no one ever primed us for the mundane.


We plunge ourselves in the busy city life, leaving no room for love. We don’t have the tolerance to deal with the associations. We simply remain occupied running after materialistic things. We look for immediate satisfaction in everything we do. We would to a certain extent spend an hour each with numerous people than spending a day with just one. We consider in having ‘alternatives’. We are ‘social’ people. We trust more in meeting new people than actually knowing them. We want the people to be faultless.


Technology has made us slaves. Our physical existence has been replaced by the text messages, voice messages, Snapchats and video calls. We don’t feel the need to spend time together anymore.  We are the practical generation who only runs by logic. We don’t recognize how to respect the relationships. We do not take a flight to far flung places just to see someone we love.


We let go of the most amazing people for ‘the other fishes in the sea.’ We don’t consider us to be blessed having them anymore.

There’s not anything we could not beat in this world, and yet, here we are ham-handed at the game of love and we call it modernization.



Why Modern Relationships are Diminishing So Easily Today?

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