5 Tips On Life That You Can Learn From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why

The Netflix original that everyone thought to be another teenage drama to a twisted turn and now stands as one of the most watched TV series. This series is extremely intense and touches the deepest of the emotions of the viewers. Indeed it is something that has the high chance of leaving you emotionally exhausted.

 13 Reasons Why
Not only a mere show, but it actually brings out some very fine points about human nature and tendencies. It shows the real life through the reel life. That is the precise reason, here are some of the life advises that you can take from this amazing show.

 13 Reasons Why

Jokes hurts
We all make fun of others at one point of the other but when we cross the line of harmless joke to enter the world cruelty then that certainly affects the people in worst possible way. Unless you have understanding with the other person, refrain yourself from making joke about them. Laughing at expanse of others is not always funny.

 13 Reasons Why
Trust but not blindly

There is no harm in trusting others specially when they are your friend but at the same time it is stupidity to do so blindly. Try to read the signs when they are being elfish or using you. After all, true friends always sticks with you and don’t leave you during the time of need.


Words can kill

No, the three words in the title are not exaggerations. Make sure to be careful while using your words as they, at times, leave an unshakable permanent mark on the other person. Your harsh words can be death for someone else, figuratively and literally. Choose them and mince them according to the situation and emotion around.

 13 Reasons Why

Hear the silence

Silence is such a part of human life that probably says the most. Also, when you use silence as a weapon it shows you do not care about the other person and it can make them go crazy. Thus, use it carefully.

Assumption isn’t reality

It is one of the easiest things to do, assuming something without knowing the reality. Does, if you often find yourself jumping to conclusions based on assumptions, then stop. This habit has the potential of running your life and that of others.

 13 Reasons Why



5 Tips On Life That You Can Learn From 13 Reasons Why

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