Why Anna’s Husband Took The Forbidden Path Of Cheating? Reasons Men Cheat

Men cheating on women

“It was their 15th year marriage anniversary and Anne was determined to celebrate it in the best way possible. However, her world came crashing down when she came to know that her husband is cheating on her. They were a happy couple then what went wrong that he cheated?”

Men cheating on women

Cheating, as hard and hateful it may sound, is an aspect that has almost become a common practice in the modern time. However, this is something that is in existence since long. Cheating is something that is not only seen in a broken relationship but also at times in those couples who seemingly have a good rapport. That brings us to the question that why men cheat? Though there are different excuses for the same but here are some of the main reasons.


Cheating is often an addiction. Compulsions of sexual nature when do not get fulfilled then they often take the shape of addiction. Later it becomes much more than just a physical desire, it starts becoming a habit.

Cheating husband


This is one of the most common reasons that push someone towards the path of cheating. When one is angry with their partner, cheating becomes the tool through which they can take revenge. However, in the rage, they fail to see that it is disrespecting both the women and also having a sketchy beginning if something new comes up.

Cheating husband


There are men who are simply immature. They are incapable of understanding the aspect of loyalty and monogamy in a relationship.

Cheating men


There are many who have unrealistic expectations in their mind from their partner. When those are not fulfilled then cheating becomes a way. In this case, the aspect of boredom can also be mentioned.

Cheating men

Childhood Abuse

Even if it sounds weird but at times to resolve the childhood trauma they take the path of cheating as they fear the aspect of intimacy.

Men cheating


When he is insecure about himself and doesn’t consider himself to be an equal in the relationship, then to satisfy the wounded ego he often takes the path of cheating.

Men cheating

Cheating, for whatever reason, will always have heartbreaking consequences. Thus, if you are getting involved in something like that then make sure to think about the pain you will be causing.

NOTE: Anna is a fictional character created for the purpose of story.



Why Anna’s Husband Took The Forbidden Path Of Cheating? Reasons Men Cheat

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