This Is How A Woman Is Seen By Society And Why It Makes us Angry


It was some time ago when I watched a superb film documentary named as Miss Representation whose story revolves around how women are represented in terms of power and position in the society. That made me realize that if ever women will be able to get equal rights as men. In our modern society, women […]

Star Wives who made Millions in Interior Styling

Twinkle Khanna

So, do you think that having a ‘trophy husband’ was enough for these wives? The feeling that they could paint the town red with their husband’s popularity, use their names and recline at beauty parlours and kitty parties all day? If yes, then you are completely wrong. These are the star wives who have developed […]

Disturbing Modern Experiments That Are Horrifying And Disgusting


It has always been a great problem that some researchers or scientists always forget about morality or ethical standards while experimenting and in the pursuit of knowledge. Institutional review boards are used to bring standards to science and to regulate research in the United States but many other countries continue these unethical experiments. Here are […]

Indian Armed Force Facts That Will Make You Feel Incredibly Proud

Indian armed force is definitely one of the largest and best forces in this world. Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard – they all are included in Indian armed force and all of them protect India like a shield. Here are some amazing facts about our armed force. Voluntary Recruitment […]

Virat Did A Major Goof Up By Posting wrong picture while Congratulating Mithali Raj

mithali and kohli

  Mithali Raj has carved a new history in International Women’s Cricket. She became the highest run-getter in Women ODI matches, Mithali garnered appreciation from people all around the country. She scored 6028 runs and went past Charlotte Edwards who was at the first position with 5992 runs. Not only this, Mithali has also become […]

India’s Mithali Raj breaks Record for most Runs in Women’s ODIs

Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj, who is considered to be the foundation of India’s batting line-up, made the record for most runs in Women ODIs during the World Cup game against Australia. She beat England’s Charlotte Edwards who had the record of 5992 runs on Wednesday, the 12th of July 2017. The skilled batsman also came to be […]

BCCI Team appoints Ravi Shastri as the new Head Coach of Indian Team!

BCCI has finally announced Ravi Shastri as the Head coach of Indian Cricket team. So, happy days ahead for Indian Skipper Virat Kohli. Yes, Ravi Shastri has taken over the responsibility of heading the Indian team in all the 3 formats. On Monday, Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) interviewed 5 people for the post like Virender […]

Sexual Harassment That Every Girl Has Definitely Faced Once Or More

A few days back while engaged in a heated debate with one of my male acquaintances about the need for a separate female compartment in Delhi Metro despite preaching quality, I said: “there is not a single female who hasn’t faced sexual harassment in one form or others.” Initially reluctant to agree, he did some […]

A Girl Born to Britain’s First Pregnant Man!

Hayden Cross had managed to make headlines across the world earlier this year when he made a formal public statement that he was expectant by a sperm donor. He gave birth to a girl by caesarean on 16th of June 2017 at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. The 21-year-old man has turned out to be the first […]