Mini-Satellites From Coke Cans By This Bengaluru Engineer Will Make You Feel Super Proud

Back in school, we had innovative ideas and plans to make products out of things we generally away – lamps, mugs, pen stand, etc. However, this engineering graduate from Bengaluru took that learning to next level.

“The 22-year-old Suraj Kumar from Bengaluru is the founder of Opencube LabsBased which is an organization that uses waste beverage cans like Coke & Soda to make mini satellites.”

India has already established itself as a Space Superpower. It has developed prowess in launching satellites. In fact, launching satellites is helping the Indian government to earn revenue because it is charging foreign countries for launching their satellites.

However, even if you are not a space scientist, you can still launch a mini-satellite, if not a satellite!

Suraj has been doing it for the last two years. The 22 year old Computer Engineer has been running a project named CanSat Development Programme. He uses empty cans of soda, coke, red bull and others for this purpose. CanSat comprises of sounding rocket balloon payload which is made of open hardware such as Arduino and RaspberryPi. All the constituents of a satellite are put inside a can of 350ml.

The Air Force Base at Yelahanka is used for launching the mini satellite while parachute is used for its controlled landing. Meanwhile, all the data is sent to the ground station. Suraj, who has completed his engineering from BMS Institute of Technology, said,

“The data collected by these mini-satellites include temperature and pollution levels, quality of air and water, ultra-violet penetration and traffic congestion levels in the city. These data can help in research purposes and our civic bodies can even use them to implement better policies.”

The project was initiated in 2014 and it aimed at providing students with a clear understanding of Small Level Space Missions carried out under many workshops all across the city.

Suraj further added,

“Receiving a real-time experience of small scale space missions isn’t that reasonable and goes beyond affordability of Indian, middleclass students. Through our workshops, we provide students first-hand knowledge on making, operating and launching of satellites.”

That was interesting right. What do you say?



Mini-Satellites From Coke Cans By This Bengaluru Engineer Will Make You Feel Super Proud

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