Disturbing Modern Experiments That Are Horrifying And Disgusting


It has always been a great problem that some researchers or scientists always forget about morality or ethical standards while experimenting and in the pursuit of knowledge. Institutional review boards are used to bring standards to science and to regulate research in the United States but many other countries continue these unethical experiments. Here are 5 modern-day experiments and their disturbing Implications.


CRISPR-Cas9 is a new gene editing technology which is precise, inexpensive and quick. Gene editing technology can raise several ethical dilemmas. In 2015 scientists improved the accuracy of the Cas9 enzyme. And this can be used as a tool in for genetic modification. Many characteristics are controlled by genes and removing any one of them can create problems for us in long run. To create designer babies removing or assessing potentially harmful genes can create big problems. And with the idea of creating designer babies, it is believed that we should try to create humans with superior genes.  This may widen the gap between the poor and the rich more in future.


Mind Controlled Rats

Scientists at the State University of New Work recently worked on a project to control minds of rats remotely. Scientists claim that controlling animal minds can be beneficial as they can do dangerous and difficult jobs for us. Rats are inexpensive and its equipment makes this experiment more frightful. Even the creature can be controlled by a computer. Electrical signals are sent through the animal’s brain using a computer which the pleasure centers of the rat’s mind to get stimulated. The creature becomes essentially willing slaves to the orders of the scientists. This experiment is a stepping-stone for the scientists but this can lead to control human brains too. And then we face the threat of having our autonomy taken away by corrupt government or any dictator. This might not ever happen but the experiment is very much disturbing. This technology could help the rebels to create the perfect obedient slaves or citizens. Still, this technology is in its early stages. It can detect signals up to 460 meters away only.


Artificial Life

In 2010 a lab announced that they have created the first artificial life cell and by doing this the researchers played God. The creation of Artificial life cells was in hope to solve several world problems as energy security, pollution, and disease. However, the potential negative consequences are dangerous as we would be creating something that never existed and this can be something that we don’t understand and they can backfire on us in future.


Love Potions

Love is indeed one of the most hyped and difficult to understand the feeling. Everybody wants to be in love. Well, it comes with a lot of pain too. The scientific community is in experimentation of developing love potions. Scientists claim that they can actually make love potions. The neuropeptide oxytocin is being studied to examine its ability to create feelings as love in the brain. The idea of recreating a complex thing as love is very dangerous. It is actually forcing someone of fall in love and to control their autonomy which is very much unethical. This can also be used as a date-rape drug. Additionally coping with our heartbreak and broken relationships, becoming depending on such thing is not a real solution. It would be better if we would deal it in the old-fashioned ways.

love possion

Head Transplants

This is a far-fetched idea and beheading is seen as execution. Though Sergio Canavero has claimed to successfully repair the cut spinal cord of mice but people are skeptical about this. The group is hoping to test their technique on dogs next. But there are many ethical issues as first of all like many donated organs the brain might be rejected and for that, the patient would have to take drugs to prevent this. It is a dangerous procedure. These immunosuppressant drugs have many side effects like osteoporosis, weakened muscles, and high blood sugar. And this can also raise questions about identity as patients could become traumatic after having completely new bodies and have an identity crisis.

head transplant



Disturbing Modern Experiments That Are Horrifying And Disgusting

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