Reaction Of Women’s Helpline At This Girl’s Sexual Harassment Complaint Will Fill You With Rage


Regardless of the fact how much we have progressed, it is a depressing reality that girls and women go through sexual harassment every day. Be it eve-teasing or aggravation and even rape and assassination, numerous incidents frequently occur and leave us questioning the safety of women in this country. Many safety measures, SOS alert apps, and free helpline have been introduced but do you really think that these help lines work and really provide the essential help on time if a distress call is made?


22-year-old student Pooja Nair was travelling by Mumbai Local one afternoon when she encountered a quite embarrassing situation. She spotted a man waving at a co-passenger from the compartment next to the ladies through the rods that isolates the coaches.

She by mistake managed to look at him. To her surprise, she heard him shouting abuses at her. She was not terrified and determined to keep gazing at him expecting that he would stop been harsh. But the man did not stop. He, rather crossed the line by opening his pant’s zip, took out his penis and started masturbating staring at her.


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She requested help from the fellow passengers to give a call to the women helpline to tell the incident, but what occurred next left her in shock. “I told the person about this on the line. And then the person on the helpline just laughed like anything.”


She was taken aback that how the person on the helpline could laugh at the incidence and when asked for help, he cut off the call.

According to her, the man who was masturbating got down at the subsequent station and even warned her that he would rape her. He even made an attempt to board onto the ladies compartment but other women in the coach shouted and he had to back off.

When this news got out, the netizens were quick to share their opinions. This is what they had to say on social media.


The authorities found time to respond not with her complaint but after this news went viral. The Western Railway promised that they are going to take the matter very seriously and do further investigation. Not only that but Deputy Commissioner of Police Purushottam Karad said that:

“We have to check which helpline the woman commuter made the call to. There are two helpline numbers — one is railway police and the other is Railway Protection Force (RPF). We will talk to the woman.”

The point of the whole matter is that, people should be made more aware about the ways to handle matter of woman safety. It is about time to bring a change in the way we think.



Reaction Of Women’s Helpline At This Girl’s Sexual Harassment Complaint Will Fill You With Rage

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