Can You Eat These 9 Weird Foods Around The World?


Food or Cuisine! They can be tasty, healthy, and tempting enough if we think of them. And, what if the food comes out to be strange and not so likely to even see? Well, there are some of the unusual foods around the world that are hard to stand, but people eat them with fondness […]

10 Seriously Bizarre Pizzas From Around The World


What is one of the easiest and cheapest dishes that you can get almost everywhere? Pizza! We are well-aware of people’s love for pizza and that is why we are here to give that a shook. Here we have a collection of the weird pizzas that are actually beyond your imagination. Would you like to […]

Pubs you shouldn’t miss in Goa.


When legs feel light and moods go tripping to foot tapping music with cocktail in your hands, it’s a never ending boisterous fun. Welcome to Goa! The Las Vegas of India. Party Lovers throng in thousands every year to get them chilled down and feel their knees. If you are new to Goa or even […]

6 Dishes That Even The Laziest Chef Will Love To Make

Chili Tofu Brown Rice

Are you lazy? So are we! Understanding your pain, we have created the list of six recipes that can prove to be your lifesaver. Be it a girl or a guy, these recipes are the one that will fit perfectly to your lazy regime. Excited to know the recipes? On completely another note, maximizing your […]

Amazingly Adorable Tiny Food Trends That Will Melt Your Heart


The food trend in the world always keeps taking a shift. So, what is the newest one in the block? Well, now is the time of the tiny foods. At once glance, it will seem that they are the stuff that you can decorate your house with but it is real. You can actually indulge […]

5 Safest Places In India For Female Solo Travelers

solo travel

When we talk about the solo female travelers exploring through the country of India, then there is a voice in our head that says it is risky. Seeing the news all around it seems that this venture is absolutely impossible. However, that is not the entire truth. Here are top five places that are not […]

5 Bars In Delhi You Must Visit For A Chilled Out Friday Night


TGIF!!!! Yes, we understand how happy you are when the clock touches six pm and you are done for the week. We all eagerly wait for Friday to appear, so that our journey of unwinding from a hectic week can finally begin. Well, if you are someone who is keen on enjoying the nightlife on […]

5 Ways You Can Make Your Ramadan Healthier


Ramadan has started; it is really a tough yet blissful time for the ones who are observing the fast. Though you are doing it for a purpose but at the same time, it is essential that you take care of yourself. Thus, here we are with few such tips that will help you in having […]

5 Scariest Roads In India That Are Often Nightmare For The Best Drivers

NH 22 Kinnaur Road

Roads and highways are one of the main ways of transportation for thousands around the countries. There are roads that are excellent, then comes the good, then the average, then the bad, and finally there are some roads that will send down a shiver down the spine of even the best of the drivers. Narrow […]

Different flavors of  World Heritage Sites In India that you will love to explore

Do you know how many World Heritage Sites are there in India those are recognized by UNESCO? Any guesses? Well, the number is 35. That means you have 35 more places to venture and experience the rich heritage of India. From mountainsides to remains of old civilization, the list contains distinctive evidence of the culture […]

5 Places Near Delhi That You Can Treat As Weekend Gateway


Delhi is a place that is known for its hectic and busy life. Everyone here is busy in finishing the race of life. However, once in a while you need to relax and let your anxiety go. This is where a small trip can help you in unwinding yourself. If you are short on time, […]

Do Not Die At These Places Around The World! It Is Illegal

Longyearbyen, Norway

No, we are not crushing you or want you to die. However, here are some of the places of the world where it is illegal to die even for the travelers. Want to know which places are those? Read on! Itsukushima, Japan As this place is considered holy, so you cannot die here. Lanjaron, Spain […]