5 Bars In Delhi You Must Visit For A Chilled Out Friday Night


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Yes, we understand how happy you are when the clock touches six pm and you are done for the week. We all eagerly wait for Friday to appear, so that our journey of unwinding from a hectic week can finally begin.

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Well, if you are someone who is keen on enjoying the nightlife on Sunday in Delhi, then you are at the right place. Let us take a quick round around the pubs and bars that will set your mood right.

martitni drinks


This Mexican restaurant- bar is located in the inner circle of CP and is known for its awesome ambiance. Imagine, you can order drinks from cowboys who are all set up with their jazz. Fun! Isn’t it?


Guppy by ai

Known for its amazing food and awesome drinks, this contemporary Japanese themed bar is sure to win your heart. Located in Lodi Colony this is a place that always offers you with wonders.



This is a bar that is located in the Delhi-Gurugram border. Why is it cool? Besides the food and drinks, it has a large pool that reflects pink light on the entire interior of the bar. Needless to say, the mysterious setting created perfectly sets with the mood of Friday.


Kitty Su

If you are someone who totally digs electronic music then this is a place you will hate not going. A heaven for electronic music lovers, it also provides separate enclosed spaces for those who enjoy a different kind of music. It is very intriguing with the interior paintings being inspired from KamaSutra.

Kitty Su

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Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar

This is another fun place to explore during your Friday night out. With amazing food, they also have splendid services for Karaoke. It certainly is a place where you will enjoy every moment.

Harry’s Karaoke Lounge Bar



5 Bars In Delhi You Must Visit For A Chilled Out Friday Night

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