Ladies! Dating A Married Man Proves That You’ve Bad Taste In Your Mouth

For some women, married men tend to be better than the young handsome dudes. While it’s men’s maturity that attracts a woman, the married men also find many not-so-good reasons to cheat on their wives. But ladies, you shouldn’t be enticed with that as ruining someone’s family or a relationship in sake of having your own is not a good job.

Well, this was one such powerful reason and likely, there are many other reasons that will force you to say ‘No’ to an affair with a married man.

Pay per hour hotel/ Starbucks washrooms/ back seat of car – All these would be the married man’s only choice whenever he asks you out on a date.

Couple Kissing on Car

In an emergency of being seen by his friend, colleague or any relative, you will just be entitled as his cousin/babysitter/niece/maid/anything but not what you always want to be introduced as.

Surprised Girl

No, you can never ever call him at night or when you have had a bad day. And if you have called him up the last night, you are going to receive a call back the next day just to hear him shouting on you and asking ‘Why did you call me when you know I am with my family’? No more Mr. Nice Man!


Yes, the most important- You can never meet him on his special day i.e. birthday or any special occasion like Christmas. You’ll have to celebrate it all alone without him.

Gift-Ideas-to-Give-a-Guy-on-His birthday

Trust me, you are going to get bored of hearing old chestnuts like – If I would have met you 7 years ago it would have been amazing or My wife doesn’t understand me’ or ‘We don’t share that usual bond’.

All you would just think in your mind that ‘Is he really saying genuinely or trying to gain your sympathy by saying so?’

Even he will add that ‘He and his wife don’t have sex any more now’. But what about you lady, you’ll just die of thinking that ‘Is he having sex with his wife right now? Or are they planning more kids?’ You’ll get insomniac shortly without realizing.

Sad Couple

Oh! And how can I not mention about the ‘fails of a romantic weekend’ that you have always been suffering from while just working overtime dreaming of enjoying a relaxing getaway together.


So, women don’t be fooled as at the end it’s you who is going to get hurt and then don’t say me later that I did not warn you. The choice is yours!



Ladies! Dating A Married Man Proves That You’ve Bad Taste In Your Mouth

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