5 Safest Places In India For Female Solo Travelers

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When we talk about the solo female travelers exploring through the country of India, then there is a voice in our head that says it is risky. Seeing the news all around it seems that this venture is absolutely impossible. However, that is not the entire truth. Here are top five places that are not only safe for woman travelers but are immensely beautiful. Let’s check out some


One of the popular hill station of India in Uttarakhand and has many places to explore its nature’s beauty. Nina peak or so called china peak presents an adorable view of snowy mountains of Himalayas. The most famous is Nainital lake surrounds by hills.



The second biggest city of Karnataka is famous for its beauty and its cleanliness. Popular places to visits are Mysore Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Wax Museum, parks, and lakes.



For all adventurous ladies out there, one of the best places to prove that you are a true wildlife lover is Kaziranga National Park located in Assam. This is one of such unforgettable places that present the visitors with glimpses of one horned rhinoceros. Not to forget the most demanding activity of Elephant safari.



It holy city and a major place for the religious hub as it’s situate on the river bank of holy river Ganga. Varanasi so-called Banaras had notable landmarks like Jantar Mantar, Ramnagar fort, Ghats, and temples.



The beautiful hilly region most of the time covered with snow. It’s the least populated region of Jammu and Kashmir. The main attraction of travelers is Buddhist and Buddhist culture besides natural beauty.


These are some best-suited places in India for female solo travelers. So, where are you going to visit first?



5 Safest Places In India For Female Solo Travelers

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