5 Ways You Can Make Your Ramadan Healthier


Ramadan has started; it is really a tough yet blissful time for the ones who are observing the fast. Though you are doing it for a purpose but at the same time, it is essential that you take care of yourself. Thus, here we are with few such tips that will help you in having a healthy Ramadan.

Do not miss the Suhur

It is really tough for those who don’t have the habit of waking up early. Especially if you are staying alone, then there is a possibility that you will skip it. However, do not do that. You can always sleep or take a nap later but cannot eat or drink for the whole day.
suhurControl the fat intake

No, do not cut off the fat intake as it forms to be one of the main parts of traditional Iftar food. However, make sure you balance it out with healthy food.
Fat foodVeggies and fruits

Yes, most of us have the habit of sidetracking the veggies and the fruits on normal days. It is obvious that we are going to do the same during Iftar. However, make sure that you do exactly the opposite. Ensure to include vegetables and fruits for eating.
Veggies and fruitsGo for a walk

It is true that after fasting for the whole day when you take your Iftar meal, then the only thing you want to do is hit the bed. However, restrict yourself and go for an evening one. It will not only normalize your digestion but will also make you feel fresh.
mood-girl-alone-road-evening-road-shadow-desktopAfternoon nap

There is nothing wrong in stealing few minutes just for yourself. Your body will be exhausted with this change in routine. Thus, taking nap in the afternoon will keep your energy level balanced.



5 Ways You Can Make Your Ramadan Healthier

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