10 Seriously Bizarre Pizzas From Around The World


What is one of the easiest and cheapest dishes that you can get almost everywhere? Pizza! We are well-aware of people’s love for pizza and that is why we are here to give that a shook. Here we have a collection of the weird pizzas that are actually beyond your imagination. Would you like to try any of the following out of your love for pizza?

Crocodile pizza

It is actually made of saltwater crocodile meat. No, we are not joking. Want to try it out?

Crocodile pizza

Pizza lollipop

Nope, it is not at all sweet but filled with goodness of pizza.

Pizza lollipop

Pizza in a jar

We are not exactly sure how to feel about this. What about you?

pizza in jar

Pizza fries

If you are in love with fries and also pizza then mix both in this yummy dish.

Pizza fries

Pizza dip

No, it is not a dip for you pizza but a dip made with pizza.

Pizza dip

Cheeseburger pizza

Now you do not have to ditch your love for burger for pizza.

Cheeseburger pizza

Banana curry pizza

Will you really try this delicious or not-so-delicious treat?


Chocolate pizza

If you are a chocolate lover then you will certainly dig this pizza. For others, we don’t have a clue.

chocolate pizza

Cauliflower crust pizza

Instead of the pizza dough this pizza comes with a mashed cauliflower twist.

cauliflower pizza

Pepperoni pizza rolls

One thing is certain that this is a delicious dish.




10 Seriously Bizarre Pizzas From Around The World

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