Can You Eat These 9 Weird Foods Around The World?


Food or Cuisine! They can be tasty, healthy, and tempting enough if we think of them. And, what if the food comes out to be strange and not so likely to even see?

Well, there are some of the unusual foods around the world that are hard to stand, but people eat them with fondness in their regions.

Check out these 11 weird foods around the world and dare yourself can you eat them if you visit that particular zone.

White ant egg soup, Laos

A bowl of soup with the eggs of white ants can go preferable for starters if your stomach can handle it. As the flavour of this bizarre food is supposed to be quite delicious, sharp and smooth at the same time just like shrimp.


Boshintang, Korea

Considered as healthy soup cooked with spring onions, dandelions, and a host of spices and with a bizarre ingredient in it – dog meat. Now, it’s hard to find in menus of Korean restaurants, but it is quite a way popular with the old generations.

Boshintang, Korea

Casu Marzu, Italy

Who can eat a thing that has gone bad like really bad? People in Italy do. This dish made from rotten cheese and has ingredients hatching inside. The larvae of cheese flies are added to the pecorino, which gives a weeping, tongue burning delicacy.


Century Egg, China

Can you have a rotten egg for dinner? Famous as hundred-year eggs or Pidan are covered in clay, ash, and salt for months. And, by the time the yolk gets dark green and stinks of sulphur are then served as delight.


Stargazey Pie, England

A star shaped pie with fishes in it gazing at the sky…! Sounds like poetry of weird food is originated from Cornish Village of England and served specially on 23rd December (Tom Bawcock’s Eve).

stargazey pie

Tuna Eyeballs, Japan

Tuna fish and Japan has a connection that it goes waste if visitors don’t prefer to eat this variety on their touring. Tasting like squid, these eyeballs of tuna fish is plucked out and served at cheap rates in supermarkets.

tuna eyeballs

Shirako, Japan

Looking like a miniature brain, this weird food apparently means white children but refers to the sperm sacs of angler or puffer fish. And, if you are more likely to taste a sweet custard flavour, then close your eyes and prefer these white blobs of goo.


Amazingly Adorable Tiny Food Trends That Will Melt Your Heart

Escamoles, Mexico

Nutty and akin to cottage cheese but presenting Larvae of a venomous ant species, would you prefer this as your lunch? If yes, then you can eat it as the filling in the taco or Spanish omelette.


Airag, Mongolia

Fermented horse milk that is served in Mongolia isn’t an unusual offer to everyone. It’s a kind of beer by taking a mare’s milk that is slightly alcoholic, sour, and fizzy. Traditionally, it is served chilled in a bowl-shaped cup.

Airag, Mongolia

So, people are you up to try any of these weird foods while traveling around the world? If yes do comment in the section below and share as well.



Can You Eat These 9 Weird Foods Around The World?

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