This Photo Series Is Named ‘The Witch Hunt’ That Speaks For Women With Opinion

Though we are making incredible progress in distinctive fields but there is still another side of the society that we cannot ignore. In this society, the women who have an opinion are often called by different names. Sadly this name calling is something that still the women have to face and this is a phenomenon all over the world.

This is a photographic series that shows this side of the woman that the society often tries and chooses to ignore. It is a satirical look at the women of opinions and calling them the witches. This photo series tells people how one can spot a ‘witch.’


The ones who are hooked on books and loves having intellectual conversations

The ones who not necessarily follow the socially conditioned feminine fashion and if you point that out she will not be afraid to shake you off.

When you meet a woman who is free spirited and has an open mind, then certainly you have met one of the witches

They have voice that oozes with opinion and that certainly makes her a witch

They are all for supporting the other witches rather than shaming them

Darkness isn’t something that strikes fear in their heart, rather it is something that makes them stronger.

The photographer also initiated a camping with the tag #CallMeBitch and that has really evoked a series of emotions in the viewers from all over the world.

What do you think? Ready to join the campaign?



This Photo Series Is Named ‘The Witch Hunt’ That Speaks For Women With Opinion

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