Lisa Haydon & Other Celebrities Throws A Powerful Message On Breastfeeding That We All Need To Hear


Our country India possesses a totally different notion and culture about breastfeeding. Even though it is a natural yet common process to feed a baby, a woman is often shamed or bullied by the onlookers when she breastfeeds in public. So, it comes out as a no surprise that our society still sees public nursing as a taboo.

However, people never appreciate the sacrifices a mother gives to nourish her baby, the beautiful journey she goes through with her child and all the changes that only she has to experience while delivering a baby. Well, considering the World Breastfeeding Week, celebrity mom Lisa Haydon speaks about her inspiring journey and also throws a powerful message to encourage mothers to nurse their babies.

Lisa Haydon

The hot celebrity mom Lisa Haydon known for her svelte figure gained a lot of kgs during her pregnancy but that did not stop her from enjoying her motherhood phase ever. She gave birth to her baby boy Zack Lalvani on May 17, 2017, and since then she has been sharing glimpses of parenthood, featuring pictures of Zack on Instagram.


The model-turned-actress has recently shared a valid message on public nursing and has encouraged all the mothers out there who find hesitation in breastfeeding in public. Here’s the post that Lisa shared with the message:


Three cheers to Lisa for her amazing understanding of motherhood and for the support that she has shown for public nursing.

Well, like Lisa, there are other celebrity moms who have encouraged breastfeeding earlier in the past.

Lara Dutta

Former Miss Universe and B-town actress Lara Dutta who is also the mother of a baby girl Saira feels that breastfeeding has helped her get back in shape post-pregnancy. She says,

“Being a mother is the most beautiful aspect of a woman’s life. It is also a great responsibility. As a mother, I want to help all new and expectant mothers understand the importance of breastfeeding”.


J Jayalalithaa:

Amma or J Jayalalithaa who passed away last year in 2016 was also a great supporter of public nursing. She announced private cabins or rooms for the young mothers at bus points so as to let the women feed in open easily. She said,

“It is my wish to provide all facilities to lactating mothers, considering these facts”.


Alanis Morissette

The singer-songwriter and Canadian actress Alanis went a step ahead to show her support for the young moms. She shared a picture of herself while breastfeeding her son. She gave an explanation to her this post as,

“I know some children who have weaned naturally at two years, some kids wean naturally a couple of years later. I mean, it’s up to every child”.


Nandita Das

The known social activist Nandita Das also expressed her views earlier by saying,

“I always knew that breastfeeding was good for a baby but I never knew how important colostrum (first thick yellow milk) is to protect her/him from so many diseases”.


It is a high time for people to understand that breastfeeding is a pure form that a mother adapts to connect to her child. So, it is time to broaden your thinking and culture as well.



Lisa Haydon & Other Celebrities Throws A Powerful Message On Breastfeeding That We All Need To Hear

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