The ‘Other Side’ Of This Custom Inspector Is Something No One Could Ever Expect


“You only understand the pain of snakebite

When you are stuck by it”

Though a very old saying but it stands true for almost all the aspects of our life. We cannot understand the intensity of pain unless we have walked on the same path. The same is the case when it comes to this custom inspector residing in Kolkata.

Akash Tripathi is an Inspector of Central Excise, Customs, and Service Tax and he has gained a reputation for all the right reasons. He has become Messiah for more than thousand underprivileged students by giving them free coaching for competitive examinations.

He is originally from Uttar Pradesh but came to Kolkata when his father Jaishankar Tripathi migrated to West Bengal. The only reason for the shift of his farmer father was to give a better educational platform to Akash. He ran a rented shop in Kolkata and made sure that his children get a proper education.

aditiya tripathi

Akash was always good in studies and after his school, he always made sure to help his father at the shop. However, there was one big obstacle in the path of this young boy. It was money.

Despite trying, it was really hard for Akash’s father to come to up with a necessary amount that would help him in continuing his studies. Maybe this young talent would have been lost in the darkness of poverty until people extended their helping hand.

inspector aditiya

Many times in his life he came across nice people who helped in paying his fees that helped him in continuing his studies. Now, he is just keeping the cycle of goodness alive by giving free tuitions.

In one batch he teaches around 150 students. He helps them in understanding distinctive aspects related with the world of competitive examinations.

inspector aditiya

Not only that, but he also leads cleanliness drive with help of his students to make this world a better place. Alongside, he also distributes free module for competitive exams to help those who cannot reach him physically. You can get it from here.

inspector aditiya

People like Akash make this world a much better place. Won’t you agree?



The ‘Other Side’ Of This Custom Inspector Is Something No One Could Ever Expect

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