15 Year Delhi Girl gives birth to a premature baby, was raped multiple times by 51 Year Neighbor.

Girl gives birth to a premature baby

While our political and religious leaders continue to debate on the dressing style of women, a case of a 15-year old girl being raped 8 times in the last 7 months has been reported. The most disgusting thing about the case is the said girl just gave birth to a premature baby as no one including her parents noticed the pregnancy.


The Delhi based girl was 26 weeks pregnant and she was being raped by a 51-year-old neighbor since last 7 months. As per the girl herself, the man used to give her money to stay silent about the matter.

The local police confirmed, the girl is a Class X student and was 26 weeks pregnant.

The incident came to light on July 20 after school authorities approached police. On reaching the spot, police were informed that the girl was taking a compartmental exam when she excused herself to go to the washroom citing ‘stomach pain’. She delivered the baby inside the washroom,”

When school authorities came to know about the incident, they rushed the girl and the baby to a hospital for the medical treatment. Hospital authorities then informed police that the girl had delivered a premature baby.

New born baby

The police officer told-

“After the girl regained consciousness in the hospital, she narrated her ordeal to police. She told police that she was being raped by her 51-year-old neighbour, Abdul Gaffar, for the past seven months. He would call her to his room under some pretext, and sexually assault her.”

The good news is that the accused has been arrested now.

As per the sources of IE, the accused managed to escape from his rented accommodation before the police team got there. But with the help of technical surveillance, police traced him and arrested him.

The officer also told that the parents of girl unnoticed all the pregnancy symptoms of a girl and thought that it was a gas related issue. Even her friends and teachers were not aware of the real issue.

“Even after she started showing signs of pregnancy, the girl’s family members did not realise that something was amiss. Instead, they thought she was suffering from gas-related issues.”

Talking about the accused, the officer said-

“The accused admitted to police that he paid the girl Rs 500- Rs 800 so she does not reveal the matter to anybody. The accused hails from Bihar and drives an autorickshaw in the capital.”

This comes as a really disturbing story, to say the least, and also tells us how much the “Sex Education” is important in this time.



15 Year Delhi Girl gives birth to a premature baby, was raped multiple times by 51 Year Neighbor.

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