15 Mind-Blowing Things You Probably Failed To Notice Until Now


Let’s be honest. Don’t we always try to act smart in front of our friends? We do. Moreover, we try to make them look stupid by throwing new tidbit of information or fact at every possible time, right? Well, it always makes us feel happy to know and learn about unusual yet mind-blogging trivia.

So, here we have collected some amazing fun facts that will make you go ‘Whaaaaat’ in seconds.

Did you know Whoopi Goldberg, American actress and comedian has no eyebrows?

whoopi goldberg

Have you noticed a bear in the logo of Toblerone? Well, it is hidden creatively.



The sound of snapping finger is produced when middle finger hits the palm. And we always thought it to make the noise while hitting the thumb. *Argh*

snapping finger

Are you able to notice that smart feature of the shopping cart? From next time, make use of it.


shopping bags

Those who always thought ‘Genuine leather’ mark denotes the purity and quality of leather must clear their concept now as genuine leather doesn’t tell about leather’s originality, instead it is a name of a kind of leather which is known to be the worst grade of leather.

Genuine leather

Whoa! The filling inside Kit-Kat chocolate is another Kit-Kat chocolate. Super chocolaty!


Look at the logo of LG. Doesn’t it look like a broken Pac-Man?

LG logo

Talking about another logo of Chicago Bulls, on turning it upside down it seems as if a robot is going through a book or something.

Chicago Bulls

Oh! I never knew this thing about oranges.

facts on oranges

When you observe that logo of Microsoft Excel contains ‘X’ merged with ‘L’.


Microsoft Excel Did you know that different alphabets tend to form an upside down version of the word ‘UPSIDE DOWN’ i.e. “umop apisdn”.

alphabets tend

The crazy picture that you can never unsee.

crazy picture

Logo of ‘Hunger Game’ shows the hidden Johnny Bravo, isn’t it?

hunger game

Whaaaaaat! His real name isn’t Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx.




15 Mind-Blowing Things You Probably Failed To Notice Until Now

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