Man jailed for hanging baby from 15th floor of high-rise to get Facebook likes


Most of us live in an unrealistic world where popularity in Social Media more than the same in real life. People have developed a compulsive obsession towards Social Media where Likes, and Shares quantifies the popularity of the person. But it is startling to find people trying to gain online popularity by risking and playing with the lives of others.

In a weird incident, a man posted a picture of himself holding the baby out of the window on the 15th-floor of the multi-storeyed building with the caption: “1,000 likes or I will drop him,”


This picture went Viral in Social Media and he was tried at Court for imprisonment. “This picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers” the man pleaded. “I had just been playing a game”, he said.

Inspite, the judge said the man needed to be jailed. “The picture was clear – the child’s life was in risk” the judge said.



Man jailed for hanging baby from 15th floor of high-rise to get Facebook likes

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