Guinness World Record That Will Amaze & Make You Laugh

We all know that people are capable of doing amazing acts that gives them a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Let’s not deny that many of us have secretly tried to find that skill which will take us to the pages of the book. We are still searching, have you found yours yet?

Lucky are those, who know their skills and made full utilization to have world record in their name. However, not all the records are sensible skillful. There are records that are wacky and insane. We bring you ten such world records.

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The kiss of record

A couple from Thailand made it their motto to claim a world record through the gesture of their love. No they were not out to help others but engage in a kiss that was longest in the world. Any guesses the time their lips were locked together? Its 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Besides showcasing their love to make a record, they also received two diamond rings and cash as prize.

The one true love

Again we find ourselves in a record that showcases an unending love story. The twist is that it is between a man and his burgers. Donald A. Gorske takes pride in being a foodie and big fan of McDonald. To show his love he consumed Big Mach burgers for straight 40 years without fail. When recorded during 2012, he was consuming his 26,000th burger. He holds the record of eating most Big Macs in lifetime. Now, that would certainly be hard to beat.

Hey Ducky!

Many of us have the passion for collecting different things. Have you ever thought that such collection can make you win the title of World Record? Well, there is Charlotte Lee who never thought that her collection could be entitled for world record. She started collecting this item way back in 1996 and since then she have collected almost 5,631 types. What is the item? Rubber duck!

The piercing game


One, two, or maximum three, it is the number of piercing that we go through but not Elaine Davidson. This person from Brazil started piercing her body in 1997. Soon, the piercing that started as just style turned out to be an obsession. She is in habit of putting on new jewelries every once in a while. This compulsion had made her get pierced for 4,225 times. Needless to say, she holds the record as the most pierced person.

That’s strong

Georges Christen is known for his unusual record. He ran 38 feet and 8 inches but that’s hardly a record, isn’t it? Well, while running he was holding a 26 pound table between his jaws and a 110 pound female was sitting on the table at that time. This is truly one of the unbreakable world records.



Guinness World Record That Will Amaze & Make You Laugh

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