Girl’s hard hitting reply to a Body shaming Comment in FB is Epic!

Girl's reply

Body Shaming is one of the most committed crimes happening in Social Media. Offenders use the mask of Social Media to abuse or comment on others’ body. Although, it doesn’t hurt anyone physically, it leaves a deep negative scar in the victim’s mind.

However, it was not the case with this 27-yr lady gorgeous woman named Sejal Pradhan from Wrocław, Poland. Sejal, an engineer by profession got settled in Poland but she is originally from India. She is adept in her field but at the same time, the woman is no less when it comes to banging haters and body-shamers.

                                                        Girl's reply

‘Random jerk of a relative’ whom she never met or talked to in person texted her on FB, making an unfavorable comment on her weight! The so-called relative wrote, “Y do I feel u putting on weight by the hour”.

Girl's reply

She became furious after seeing that not-so-friendly relative Body shaming her. She decided not to keep mum and give a fitting reply to the so-called relative for his displeasing comment. In a hard hitting post, she indicated that she’s not the only one to have been affected by such verbal offence, which is no less than a kind of harassment!

Check out her Facebook Post.

“Random jerk of a relative on Facebook (who’s never even spoken to me before in person) messages this out of nowhere. Looks like social media hasn’t given them enough doses about body shaming already. But I’m ready to offer my two pennies’ worth to people like him in need.

Here’s some help: My weight, whether I gain it, lose it or keep it the same is in no way asking for your opinion. Have I ever asked for one? No. Do I look disheartened about my body and am I seeking sympathy? No.

So please keep your downright crass and judgemental opinions to yourself.

To start with, scrutinise your mother/girlfriend/wife’s weight gain/loss trend over the years and conduct a thorough analysis. This way, you’ll end up being a little less ignorant about the factors triggering it. That might surely help. And only after you’ve successfully cleared this stage of your investigation, wrack your pea-sized brain some more and ‘think’ before you speak or type, to the rest of the world. Because every single person out there knows their own struggle, or probably they’re completely content with the body they have and aren’t struggling at all!

Oh, and just in case you were thinking that you cracked a good joke here by pointing out to my weight, I’m sorry you were not even close. Maybe I could point out to ‘that belly of yours that you could occasionally use as a table’ to have a good laugh… but no, I don’t class it as humour. Because nobody is obliged to look a certain size/shape/colour just to please your eyes. And most importantly, kindly get a life. I’m sure there are ample ‘real’ issues around you that would require your valuable perusal, rather than pondering over how I’m miraculously gaining weight with every passing hour.

Thank you!”

Girl's replyYou nailed it girl. More strength to you.



Girl’s hard hitting reply to a Body shaming Comment in FB is Epic!

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