If You Do These 7 Things During Grocery Shopping Then You Are A Certified Monster!


Grocery store is the place where we get our daily supplies while trying not to be annoying to the ones working there. However, there are people who completely forget the phrase of civility and end up dong horrible things. These are the things that can easily brand them as being a monster. Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Maintain the queue

Do not, we repeat do not step forward with the next please cue if there is someone in front of you.

It’s express

Don’t you cringe in horror when you see someone standing with a cartful of things in an express counter?

What’s a private space?

Remember how you almost clashed into the lady at the next checkout line over the divider? The dividers are there for a reason.

The free joke!

If it doesn’t scan, it’s not free. Period.

A tad bit too much

Well, when you know you are going to use papers to pay. Not the money one but the coupon one.

Just like a house

When the customer acts like a sweetheart and dumps the items where they absolutely do NOT belong. You are actually being a lazy ass.



The new discovery!

Recently scientists have recently researched that you do not need to block the entire aisle for the item you are buying. Amazing! Isn’t it?



If You Do These 7 Things During Grocery Shopping Then You Are A Certified Monster!

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