Walk Around Naked Legally If You Are In The Right Country: Weird Rules From Around The World


What is the weirdest or bizarre rule that you have ever come across? Well, these are some of the legal rules that will certainly baffle you. They range from walking naked to selling your kidney. Do you have any such unusual legal rules to add to the list? Let us know in the comment below.

Take every drug

If you are in Portugal then you can try any drugs that are available. No, we are not joking this country has decriminalized each drug. However, as it was decriminalized the consumption has actually gone down.


Take help of government employee to inject heroin

There is a site in Canada where the addicts can actually take help of the medical professionals to get it injected. However, you have to bring your own drugs. Also, you can give a fake name to protect your identity.

Injecting heroin

Sell your kidney

You can actually use your kidney as a means of money if you are in Iran. People actually advertise the offer to sell kidney along with their blood type.

Sell your kidney

Own a Minigun

If you are in the USA then you can be the proud owner of this bad boy. Any American citizen can buy it under the issue of protection of the home.


Walk around naked

Spain has the reputation of different nude beaches. Thus, it is not surprising that walking around naked is legal.




Walk Around Naked Legally If You Are In The Right Country: Weird Rules From Around The World

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