Selling Mutton Samosas Over Job In Google: The Story Of A Dreamer And Reality

The Bohri Kitchen

Indians have always loved food and a very interesting fact about them is that they don’t just love to eat themselves but also invite other people and serve them with delicious delicacies. The best part of Indian food is that we have always accepted a large number of things from other cultures too, so, this has enhanced the taste of our food as well as variety of our dishes. There is no chance that a restaurant with some lips smacking food will not find customers, given the fact that we are a food loving nation.

Mutton Samosas

Munaf Kapadia, an MBA graduate from Narsee Monjee, found his life enjoyable working at Google. Nevertheless, one thing which was troubling him was his mother’s love for watching boring serials on television. As his mother is a great cook and knows how to cook scrumptious, delicious and different varieties of food, he decided to set up “The Bohri Kitchen”.

Mutton Samosas

It has been just two years now and even in such a short time, the restaurant has become one of the most famous dining places of Mumbai.

Mutton Samosas

Everyone is welcomed with a 7 course meal which will comprise of assorted starters, main course, beverages, desserts and condiments.

Mutton Samosas

It has already been appreciated by Bollywood celebrities like Farah Khan, Rani Mukerji, Huma Qureshi and Ashutosh Gowarikar but TBK is not a restaurant where you can have your favorite meal every day.

Mutton Samosas

Munaf, who has already appeared in the Forbes under top 30 lists, says,

“I am inviting these people to my home, I need to know who they are.”

To everyone’s surprise, his company has a turnover of Rs. 50 lakhs yearly.

Mutton Samosas

So if you are from Mumbai, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try in your teeth in these delicacies.



Selling Mutton Samosas Over Job In Google: The Story Of A Dreamer And Reality

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