14 Facts About Indian Armed Forces That Will Make Every Indian Proud

Indian Army

Indian Armed forces is one of the largest and most disciplined ones in the entire world. It includes Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Coast Guard. All of them together acts as a shield to protect India from external and internal threat. Here are some interesting facts about our Armed forces.

Highest point

India is such a country that is known for protecting the highest battlefield in the world. It is Siachen glacier and is placed about 5000 meters above the Mean Sea Level.


Voluntary Army

Do you know that each of the person working in Indian Army have opted for the service. Though there is the option for forced recruitment in the constitution, but it has never been applied in India, till now.


 Among the Best

Do you know that our Army is considered one among the best in the entire world specially when it comes to Mountain and high altitude warfare? Also, frequent Special Ops from other countries comes here for getting trained.

Indian Army
Nuclear Arsenal

It is in the books of Indian Army to test the nuclear arsenal in 1970s and 1090s without the CIA having any information about the same. It is still considered as one of the biggest failure of CIA in detection and espionage.

Nuclear Arsenal

No reservation

This is one of such jobs under government that has no discrimination based on caste or religion. Thus, making it one of the most diversified sectors that stand and work in unity.

Indian Army Skydiving
Biggest rescue operation

When the flood devastated differet areas of Uttarakhand in 2013, Indian Army started its rescue operation “Operation Rahat.” Till date it is considered as one of the biggest rescue operations for the civilians.

rescue operation

War of 1971

Since the World War II, the largest number of POWs (Prisoner of war) taken into custody was in this war. It ended when 93,000 officials of Pakistani army surrendered that lead to the creation of Bangladesh.

War of 1971
Largest Academy

Ezhimala Naval Academy that is located in Kerala is one of the largest in the entire Asia. It trains some of the finest members of the Indian Navy.army academy
The out-stations

In Tajikistan, one can come across the outpost of the Indian Air Force. We are also seeking another in the country of Afghanistan.

Army Force
Biggest construction agency

The MES and Border Roads Organization (BRO) works together for construction the bridges and roads along the border areas. They are actually one of the biggest construction agencies in the entire country.

Biggest construction agency
Honorary ranks

There are many celebrities who are awarded the honorary ranks in the Indian armed forces. Some of the well-known ones are Honorary Group captain for Sachin Tendulkar and Honorary Lt Col for M.S Dhoni.

for Sachin Tendulkar
 Battle of Longewala

With 120 soldiers, the Indian Army held their ground against the huge Pakistani Army. They were very brave in their endeavor and finally won the battle with the help of Indian Air Force.

Battle of Longewala
One of the three

In the entire world, there are just three horsed cavalry regiment existing. One of the regiments is a part of the Indian Army.

Army Force
Highest bridge

The highest bridge in the world Bailey Bridge is located between Dras and Suru rivers in the Himalayan mountains in the Ladakh valley. Built in 1982 , it is the highest bridge in the world.

Bailey Bridge

We also take this opportunity to thank the brave hearts of the Indian Defense who risk their lives to protect ours. Thank you!



14 Facts About Indian Armed Forces That Will Make Every Indian Proud

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