Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey’s Definition Of Virginity Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Or Very Angry


What do you mean by virginity? While some will say that it is a stupid concept, other will try to explain the biological implication. There are also those who will try to establish the fact that it is such a thing that is directly related to one’s pride. However, Health Minister of Bihar Mangal Pandey came up with an entirely new definition.

Virginity = Unmarried

Yes, according to his definition any woman who is unmarried is a virgin.

mangal pandey

If you are fuming with rage or rolling on the floor then we will give you some time regain composure.

Let’s rewind a bit to see from where all this started!

The entire row started when IGIMS came up with a weird form for its employees. It asked its employees to declare their virginity, number of wives, etc.

When asked about the commotion then this is what Pandey said:


“The word which is used is ‘virgin’. It means unmarried girl, maiden. I don’t think these words are not objectionable. But still, this issue is being raised. I had a word with the officials of the IGIMS. They said that this is the format of AIIMS and since 1983, it is being used in every organisation of the country.”

The Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Science (IGIMS) also tried to bypass the controversy by giving a similar explanation.

To make matters funnier College medical superintendent Manish Mandal said

“IGIMS follows the rules and regulations of AIIMS which follow the Central Services’ rules. The format has imbibed the terms married, widower and virgin. The term ‘virgin’ doesn’t relate to the aspect of virginity but to unmarried,”


What is your take on the whole matter?



Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey’s Definition Of Virginity Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Or Very Angry

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