7 Insecurities In Your Relationship That Are Actually Good Signs

couple kissing

couple kissing

Congratulations! You are experiencing one of the sweetest things in the world, company of a person who cares for you. It is very hard to find something special and if you have found that person, of course you wouldn’t want to let them go. The relationship gets more exciting but you also notice there are certainly small things that your partner holds back.

These are the things that make you insecure and wonder why are they not jumping in the relationship just as you did. Well, do not worry. These insecurities and fears are normal art of ever new relationship. Moreover, they can actually be a good sign.

Here are seven signs of insecurities in your partner which you don’t have to worry about.

Locking bathroom door

Yes, you may be physically intimate but still wondering why she or he closes the door every time they go to the bathroom. There are two reasons, there are some people who are shy in using bathroom in front of others or they are still shy to show their bathroom habits to you.

locking bathroom

No dancing

There is no one in this world who cannot dance. We are not talking about being a maestro in dancing but letting your body move with the music. If you partner refuses to dance with you and gets shy about the same, then they are trying to hide themselves from being awkward in front of you.

no dancing

Eating carefully

No, it doesn’t mean that they are holding back their desire to eat or trying to get into a diet. Most of us are terrified that we may end up looking foolish in front of the other person if the dish we are eating has a chance to be messy. Thus, to be on the safer side we order those things that can never get messy.

Eating carefully

Not getting naked

She or he is not shy to throw the clothes when they are in bed with you, but gets really shy when it comes to the other times. They still use the washroom to change their clothes and you are thinking why. Don’t worry! It is because we are extremely vulnerable when we are naked and showing that to someone isn’t easy.

not getting Naked Book

Not showcasing

They may have some amazing talent but you come to know that they are keeping it hidden. Do you get upset? Don’t be! The person you are dating wants you to like them and there are times when they think their talent will not attract your attention.

Not showcasing

Shy around your friends

Does she or he get shy around your friend? That is not only cute but good news too. It means they are thinking about you seriously and thus trying to make an impression upon your friends too. It takes time to open up entirely in front of someone and when they does it, it’s beautiful.

shy with friends

Looking perfect

Your partner always makes sure to look at their best. This comes from the same insecurity as others that they want to look their best in front of you.

looking perfect



7 Insecurities In Your Relationship That Are Actually Good Signs

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