6 Can’t-Look-Away Pictures Of Fruits That Will Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

After reading the title, you might be wondering how a fruit could even give all those sexual feels and a dirty mind, right? Well, to those who couldn’t think of anything like this, let me tell you that provocative pictures of fruit could be imagined when the fruit distinctly resembles to either a lady part or manhood.

A 28-year-old artist Stephanie Sarley who loves playing with her food keeps posting NSFW pictures of fruits and veggies on her Instagram handle. So, we have got some of the pictures from her artwork to showcase the ridiculously sexual pictures of fruits.

I bet you won’t be able to look away from it.

Strawberry – Have you ever seen your one of the favorite fruits in this manner?

Whoa! Everyone has always seen a banana as a symbol of sex comedy but did you just see this side of Ba-na-na (the one with pins and contraceptive)?

Is this a pineapple? Well, Fruit-Fingerbanging makes it look quite different.

OMG! Look at this one. What could you interpret from this picture?

Poor Papaya! Even it is not spared. Ha-Ha!

Blood-orange fingering – This is a perfect example of a NSFW fruit picture.

 There are many such pictures included in Stephanie Sarley’s artwork. You can explore those by going through her Instagram account. For now, please stop having a dirty mind. LOL!


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6 Can’t-Look-Away Pictures Of Fruits That Will Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

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