If You Are Not Doing These Things On Social Media Then How Are You Even Living!


YOLO! No not once but expanded it means that ‘You only live online.’ Now, if you have your account on all the known and not-so-known social media platforms then you are acing in the game of YOLO. However, those lesser souls who are still struggling, here are some tips to use social media in the best possible manner.

Broadcast yourself ALWAYS

Right from hitting the toilet to farting in public, you need to tell us EVERYTHING! Do not stand back from the spotlight and keep tagging us with whatever you do. You know after all social media is for sharing.


If it’s on social media it’s true

When you see news on social media then you need to know that it is ‘absolutely true.’ After all, who wants to deal with the old ways of fact checking? Do not forget to go ahead and share those ‘news’ too.


Not friends but audience

Selling products of social media? Why care about a targeted audience when you have your friends and family on the friend’s list? Treat them as your audience for anything you want to sell.


Aren’t your complaining?

Has someone unfollowed you recently from social media? Then what you are doing reading this, go and rant. If you are not complaining then you are wasting your time. You know what’s best? Take it to the real life and rant to anyone you met offline too.


Don’t think just share

Written a post? What are you waiting for? Just hit the post button even before it starts making sense to you. You do not have time for this silliness of checking your status and proofread.

Social Network Addiction

Keep it coming!

You have social media at your disposal and you are not posting every 10 minutes. How can you waste so much of precious time? Get off your lazy ass… err… I mean finger and start updating.

Mobile phone addiction

Where are you?

Are you busy and didn’t have the chance to post anything for the whole day? Types at least 10 paragraphs to explain why you couldn’t be online with your ‘friends.’ Don’t worry if you have the 160 character limit, you can also use multiple posts!


Say it with selfie

One selfie a day is the least that you deserve for working hard and investing time in the social media. And, remember there is no upper limit.


Relationship saga

Are you in a relationship? We want to know EVERYTHING about it. Why don’t you start from the moment you two were conceived?


Got the game?

Absolutely DO NOT forget to send us the game requests. Remember to be persistent in your approach.


Are you using the social media in the right way?



If You Are Not Doing These Things On Social Media Then How Are You Even Living!

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