10 Tinder Conversations To Make You Go WTF

The popular communication app of tinder is making quite a buzz in the market. It is an app that is used for date, meet, and also hookups. Well, today’s article is not about the usefulness of tinder or about the perfect matches but they are about the conversations. As you have rightly guessed they are hilarious and you will certainly say WTF more than once. Shall we begin?

Until you take a chance, you never know.

 Clearly, they don’t get the reference.

In case you didn’t understand, never.

Truth has been spoken.

 Yay! We get it.

Get it already girl.

 Case of confused identity.

He is in his own fantasy world.

Bang on point!

 She is on diet!



10 Tinder Conversations To Make You Go WTF

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