Will Banning Dual MRP In Malls And Airport Bring Any Actual Change?


We are all aware of the fact that charges of items in malls and airport are grossly overpriced. In a decision by Union Ministry that is now going to change. They order is just passed and will come into effect from 1st January 2018. It says that hotels, malls or airports will not be allowed to charge higher prices or different prices than MRP on water, snacks, or soft drinks.

This decision was taken after the legal metrology department of Maharashtra made an appeal.  It was observed that the quality and quantity of the products sold at high prices at places like hotels are exactly same as that of outside shop.

They have also issued notices to companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Flipkart, Eureka Forbes, and Amazon for not to issue due MRPs.

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This is what Controller of legal metrology Amitabh Gupta said:

“It has been a long-drawn-out battle because the big companies approached the Bombay high court and other courts. They claimed the Legal Metrology Act was silent on dual MRP so they could charge a different price. The Act has now been amended to prohibit companies from levying two different MRPs for a single product unless done under legal provisions. Clearly, there is no law that permits them to do so.”

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The report further mentions that upon violation strict actions will be taken against the offenders. We surely feel it is a praise-worthy step by the government. What is your take?



Will Banning Dual MRP In Malls And Airport Bring Any Actual Change?

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