Facebook Is Going One Step Ahead! All Set to Launch Facebook TV Next Month


Facebook has become an integral part of our lives and we share almost everything on it, whether it is about our relationship status or latest outing, our achievements or about the things which make us sad. Not only we like to share but also love it more when others react on it. Now all users will be happy to know that Facebook will be a part of their lives in another way too.

If the media reports are to be believed, Facebook will soon launch its television version in the month of August.


The social media giant is already in talks with its partners to submit the first few episodes of their “spotlight” shows so that they can go on-air. They will be short-duration (5-10 min), inexpensive shows which will be owned by either Facebook or its partnered companies. Facebook will be getting 45% ad income from these shows.

The project would have been launched a month back but due to delay, nothing is confirmed about its launch. There are also rumors that it will be launched by mid-August but Facebook has not confirmed anything yet.

Later on, Facebook will come up with shows of 20-30 minutes duration; however, they will have no competition with video producers like HBO, Netflix, Amazon, etc


Facebook will be checking the interest of users through few first shows and its focus as of now is on the short and low cost videos. It also plans to create more space for advertisers other than News Feed which is already packed and it can also add ads in the messenger.

So are you excited?



Facebook Is Going One Step Ahead! All Set to Launch Facebook TV Next Month

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