Hilarious Take On The World Of Anxiety And Depression

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Anxiety and depression are two most common issues that are faced by today’s world. More and more people are pulled into this disorders that screws their life in pretty bad manner. It is often not easy for outsiders to understand. Thus, this artist took it upon herself to depict what a person with depression or anxiety or both goes through, in a hilarious manner.

 Not picking up is great!

Why do I even exist?

 The endless cycle.

The best kind of busy.

When you overthink about overthinking.

It always feels same.

Not sure, ever.

Yes, it’s always a NO.

The self-doubt is high.


Animals are better than people.


Why am I like this?

Exhaustion is always there.

 It’s pretty clear. Isn’t it?

 Worry is the only thing you connect with.

Well…you get the point.




Hilarious Take On The World Of Anxiety And Depression

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