Childhood Mini-Humiliations That Marked People Deeply For Life


“Childhood is like being drunk

Everyone remembers what you did,

Except you!”

This is the reality that stands true for many. However, here are some stories where the kids wished that their childhood was like a drunken day. Why? Well, they had to face horrifying mini-humiliation that surely scarred them for life. Here are some of those memories.

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My mom is an adulterer!

Maria Gabriela Anunciacao said she was leaving the church with her mother and at the door where she called her mother addressing adulteress to go home. Everybody looked at her with great amusement about what just she said. They laughed a lot at that time. She said she could never forget that an adult female is not an adulterer after that incident!


Got into girls’ bathroom in school!

Paulo Eduardo said that at the age of seven when he went to school for the first me, he didn’t know about the fact that in school girl’s and boy’s bathrooms are separated. He accidentally got into girl’s bathroom in school. All the girls started screaming seeing him there and he becomes paralyzed in despair without knowing what to do next. He says that the trauma was so great that still, he checks twice before getting into any bathroom.


The story of fake leg

Maria Duarte says she still gets stuck whenever she meets that boy with whom she once playing in the playground. His legs got stuck on the rocking stool. She tried to help him and by using force, his leg came into her hands and she realized that his legs were actually prostate


Farted in the face

Maria Emilia Mangon was in her ballet class when she was eight years old and was asked by the instructor to make a circle and jump like a Frog. That movement gave her a gas and she ended up farting on the face of the girl, who was behind her. Since then they asked her not to go there anymore. Only after ten years, she could tell her parents the real reason behind her leaving the ballet classes.


Hate for music

Suellen Souza said that her brother was little when one day they got a call from his school, asking them to pick him up. Their mother went there and the teacher told them that they were singing the frog’s son. As she was about sing, his brother started shouting’ “I was my foot, I wash”. She says even at the age of 23, he still hates music.


She never shares the first piece of cake!

Mariana Ammon was five or six years old when on her birthday being confused what to do she gave the first piece of her cake to a boy next to her. This made the whole crowd at the party imagining that she likes him. She was so angry that she decided not to ever share the first piece of cake with anyone.


The hair trauma

As Dèbora Duarte Iasbech’s aunt was a hairdresser and once she painted his hair white blond to demonstrate at a fair. Everyone at the school next day mocked him for his discolored hair. He had to put up with his crappy hair for the next 6 months.




Childhood Mini-Humiliations That Marked People Deeply For Life

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