Kudos To The Mother Son Duo For Bringing A Change In The Dining Experience!

The Bohri Kitchen

There is no denying the fact that the food that comes from a home kitchen has an authentic palate, classic feel and traditional tangs to it. Something that amuses your taste buds and powers you to visit the same place, time and again, is what we take as ‘soul food.’

Indian culture has an assortment of cuisines, blended with Indian spices and traditional tastes. With a selection of eateries and food joints, Indians adore range in their food. But usually, what happens is that these restaurants do not have that genuineness in their food.

The Bohri Kitchen

The Bohri Kitchen concept is started by Munaf Kapadia and his mother Nafisa Kapadia, that boasts about a conceptual food dining experience where you get invited for a paid meal by TBK’s social media page, which is just amazing. The Bohri Kitchen brings you a classic 7-course ‘Bohri’ meal that includes starters, main course, desserts, beverages, and condiments. The Bohri Kitchen came into existence around 16 months ago and from that time Munaf and his mother are bringing to the people of Mumbai, the delicious elegance of their home kitchen.

The Bohri Kitchen

Munaf got a note from a top boss at Google India when he learned about Kapadia’s project from a magazine. He was awestruck by the cultural visions one could lure from the culinary offering. This was the time when Munaf realized that his household project requires development. So, he left his lucrative job at Google and started toiling for his venture. He voiced his spirits about his massive recognition by TBK which he never got in his 4.5 years at Google.

The Bohri Kitchen

Munaf wanted to get a restaurant or a cafe opened for his mother, but he sensed that he does not have enough money for this venture. So, he gave up this and made up his mind to invite people at home to savor the authentic Bohri food.

They both came up with a menu which was their simple Saturday lunch at a basic price of Rs 700. Nafisa, Munaf’s mother, felt respectable when one of the invitees Sonali embraced her and showed gratitude her for the whimsical lunch. Thereafter, they began inviting people fortnightly at their home in Colaba and offer them with the mouth-watering Bohri cuisines. Thus, the Bohri Kitchen soon became a known name among the people.

The Bohri Kitchen

TBK was shortly invited at the launch of Uber Eats in Mumbai and became one of the first brands to get connected with Uber Eats. The food supplied is first savored by Nafisa, and it is only then that the food delivery unwraps.



Kudos To The Mother Son Duo For Bringing A Change In The Dining Experience!

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