This Bollywood Actor said he would Have Played Kattappa better given the role in Baahubali! Really?

Only some movies stay intact in our hearts. One such movie is Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali. With high quality filmmaking, technicality on par with Hollywood, this had taken Indian Cinema to the next level.


No one can forget the characters, storyline, screenplay, cinematography and of course the Action it delivered. Though it is mostly out of theatres now, still we cannot overlook the memorable impression it has laid on our hearts. Not just the lead actors Rana Daggubati and Prabhas, but the supporting characters especially Sathyaraj impressed the audience with his iconic Kattappa character.


To everyone’s surprise, there is someone who claims that Sathyaraj’s performance was not that impressive as Kattappa’s character had more scope.


Yes, we are talking about the “Bad Man” of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover. He seems confident that he could have played the role of Kattappa better than Sathyaraj if he was given the opportunity in Baahubali.

He stated that:

“When I saw Baahubali, I felt Rajamouli had wonderfully penned the character of Kattappa. And the second thing that came to my mind is that I would have played the role better. Had I got the opportunity, the character would have excelled more,”

Considering his earlier movies, the national awardee would have done enough justice to the role. At the same time, it is impossible to imagine anyone other than Sathyaraj for this role as he made it unforgettable.

Maybe, Gulshan can try doing different character roles in upcoming periodic movies in Bollywood. So, what do you think?




This Bollywood Actor said he would Have Played Kattappa better given the role in Baahubali! Really?

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