After Her Husband Died She Took On A ‘Men’s Job’ For Survival

Women driving car

When her husband passed away she tried everything from selling vegetables to nursing, but nothing was enough to feed her children and herself. She needed something that would help her make money. She wanted money to give her children a secured life filled with food, protection, and decent education. That is why she became an Uber Driver. The first female Uber driver in India.

Women driving car

With the starting of this article, many of you must have thought she took the ways where women are restricted but she created her own path.

Happy Women

When she started to learn driving she was taunted and belittled by many for taking up a Man’s job. However, nothing broke her spirit and she did what she was set out to do. Earn a decent living for her family.

Children doing study Meet Shanno begum, a truly inspiring character that certainly adds on to a step further in the world of women empowerment.



After Her Husband Died She Took On A ‘Men’s Job’ For Survival

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