10 Things You Should Avoid While Talking To Someone From Chennai

rajinikanth kabali

We often call them Madrasi, but do you know how much it annoys them? Well, we don’t, and we can’t deny this also that people often point some of the things that they hear randomly about every culture.

Either you are Punjabi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marathi, Bengali, and so on, you will definitely face few common points that will pique you out to the core and let you think that people only know this much about your culture.

This same feel goes with the people of Chennai as well, when they are more likely to hear these sentences or questions and get irritated. So, take a look and avoid these points while talking to someone from Chennai.

Chennai is so hot, how people live here?

chennai weather

If you are pretty aware of humidity and climate of other regions than Chennai, you won’t feel that hot. Try to adjust buddy with every climatic condition.

Why don’t you speak Hindi more?

don't you speak hindi
Everyone loves their language. So, better not say this thing to people from Chennai. Else, you will put yourself at risk to here a lecture on mother tongue and use of Hindi at the global level.

Oh, do you like coconut so much in everything you eat?

coconut chennai express

Whoa! Now that’s something you should not dare to utter as even Thai people are more fond of coconut milk and curry paste in almost everything they eat.

Anna, more Sambur, please!

Sambar recipe

If you are willing to eat it, then better pronounce it fine with your mouth open and say SAAM-BAAR or, simply sambar. So easy isn’t it!

Do you know your superstar Rajnikanth is actually Marathi?

rajinikanth kabali

Yenna Rascala…Mind it! He is born in Maharashtra, but his roots are from Chennai. And, people of South owe him more than Bollywood also.

There are no good stalls of Pani Puri in your Chennai.

sowcarpet chennai

I think you should visit Sowcarpet once to clear this notion.

What do you guys do to have fun in South?

chennai funtime

Apparently nothing except partying till 4:00 A.M, having a drive on the east coast road, visiting Mahabalipuram for breakfast retreats, roaming around Pondicherry for a day, watching movies in 120 Rs., Oh, and a big mention to several beaches to watch sunrise and sunset as well.

Umm…Tea is way better than Filter Coffee.


And, this sentence will unknowingly book your ticket to tea gardens.

You don’t have anything better than Idli and Dosa in your cuisine.


Don’t get them mistaken as if you do so, you will miss some of the awesome delicacies like Chettinad food, Bajji, Paniyaram, and lots more.

Aha!! Technically, it’s okay to call you Madrasi. Since you are from Madras.


Oops!! Not so cool buddy as in the region of Chennai there are much more than Madrasi people. If you have heard of Tamilian culture, then this can probably save you.



10 Things You Should Avoid While Talking To Someone From Chennai

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