11 Strange Things about Moon That Will Make You Very Interested


Moon is the largest natural satellite of Earth and of course the only one. Thought the history, many have explored about this satellite and ultimately history was made when we were successful with human stepping on the moon. In the modern age, we know many things about moon with the help of advanced technology. However, there are still some facts that you might have missed in your endeavor to know this body which is also the center point of many myths and stories. Here are 11 points about moon that you might have missed.

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 Historical thrash on Moon

There are actually historic thrash that one can find on moon. There were about hundreds of items lefts by the astronauts on moon for sample collection and more. Also, there are different metals and scraps that can be found on surface of moon.

Historical thrash on Moon
Lunar dust

Silicon dioxide glass that are created from the meteoroids clashing into moonis called as moon or lunar dust. The taste and smell of the powder is similar to gun powder and also causes extraterrestrial hay fever.

That is new

There is no certain point that the scientists can pin for the period when moon came into existence. However, it is said that it is a relatively new body that came into existence just 4.53 billion years ago.

Moving far away

Moon is slowly drifting further away from Earth. Don’t get panicked as the drifting away to an uncertain position won’t surely happen in our lifetime. Per year about 3.78 cms is the distance of the drifting.

Round like moon?

Next time you are explaining something round do not use this phrase. Moon is many things but nor round and the shape we see is actually an illusion. In reality, it is oval and resembles the shape of an egg.

 Story of magnetic field

Did you know that the moon we know today actually had a magnetic field.Though scientists are not sure why the magnetic field died down but the existence was proven.

Huge size

When we take a peek at the night sky, the small ‘round’ shaped moon always seems mesmerizing. In reality it is very big but f course smaller than the Earth. The surface area of moon is about 14.6 million square miles.


Ruler of tides

The high and low ties around the coastlines is due to presence of moon. The pulling effect of the moon makes the water move causing the tides. It also has pull on land but that’s notvery intense.

Seeing shapes

While gazing at the moon many have claimed to see different shapes and this is known as Lunarpareidolia. This is mainly due to the combination of dark and light surface of moon. Have you seen anything lately?

Effect on sleep pattern

Next time you are having a hard time sleeping, just take a look if it’s a full moon day. Research shows that the brain activity that is related with sleeping actually drops by 30% in turn affecting the sleeping pattern.

full moon by frisch


This celestial body is often rattled by frequent quakes. There are actually not one but four kind of quakes that are observed in the moon. While some are mild, other can turn out to be extremely violent.

Moon one side



11 Strange Things about Moon That Will Make You Very Interested

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