When you are flying around the world to enjoy its beauty then the accommodation also plays a
very important role. There are renowned hotel chains all around the world that you can always
book. However, here are some of the most beautiful Air BnB places that will add on to the
enjoyment of your trip.

Airship 2, Scotland

This accommodation is actually an aluminum pod that gives you the awesome view across the
Sound of Mull to the island of Tobermory.


Lovely old house and art deco cinema, Somerset

OMG! This will be your expression when you lay your eyes on this restored Georgian inn
completed with open fires, pool table, library, and one of the smallest cinemas. The best part?  You can use the cinema as a guest.


The Blue House On The Beach, Sussex

This is a place equipped with modern necessities but with the beauty of nature. Located on the
beach, you will actually feel that you can reach out and touch the sea.


Boatel, Wales

Any guesses why this accommodation option is special? Well, it is a bed inside a boat. With an
awesome view of the mountainside, it is a place best enjoyed by a couple or single traveler.


Jack Sparrow House, Cornwall

If fairy tales fascinate you, then this is the perfect spot for you. this is a perfect hideaway by sea
from your busy city life.


Floating Tree Sphere, Dorset

A tent in an amazing natural location with a twist! It is made entirely out of wood and hangs
from a tree. Exciting?


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