President’s convoy stopped by a Sub Inspector in Bengaluru

A Traffic Police Mr M.L. Nijalingappa who was deployed Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle won hearts of the citizens and the netizens for sensitively letting an ambulance through the busy Silkboard Junction which was blocked for the convoy of the President.

Mr. Pranab Mukherjee visited Bengaluru for the inauguration of Metro’s Green Line on 18th of June .When his convoy was heading towards the Raj Bhavan, Sub Inspector Nijalingappa perceived an ambulance heading. He quickly reverted by stopping the honorary President’s Vehicle for a minute in order to let way for the Ambulance. He also gave away directions and made sure the Ambulance made it to a private hospital in HAL in the traffic hit road .This smart and obtrusive act of Mr Nijalingappa was lauded by the local people and won laurels on Social Media.


The Deputy Commissioner of Police Traffic East Division, Bengaluru city took a minute to glorify this great soul’s presence of mind by widening the news through twitter.


Praveen Sood, the Commissioner of Police, tweeted, “The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!”

Following this, it never took long time for Facebook and Twitter to inundate praise and applause for this officer.

On 20th June,The Bengaluru Police announced a reward for traffic police sub-inspector M.L. Nijalingappa for making way for an ambulance during the convoy movement of President Pranab Mukherjee. This to be acknowledged and presented by the President himself on 15th August in New Delhi.



President’s convoy stopped by a Sub Inspector in Bengaluru

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