You Won’t Believe These Famous Hollywood Celebrities Have Battled Their Sex Addiction


Sex addiction, known as hypersexual disorder, is a condition in which a person couldn’t control his sexual engagements, sexual thoughts, acts, and behaviour. The victims (I’ll probably call addicts as victims because they suffer from a serious disorder) participate in a sexual activity despite being risky and knowing not-so-positive out-turns.

Well, just like common people, there are many Hollywood stars who have claimed to be one of the sex addicts. Here are the names:

David Duchovny

David got married to Tea Leoni in 1997and he even has two children but that did not stop him from chasing immoral ways. It was August 2008 when David was found to having sex addiction as he was later admitted to a rehab for the treatment.


Eric Benet

Eric hogged the limelight most when he tied the knot with Halle Berry. In 2003 when both parted their ways, grapevines suggested that Eric was addicted to sex. In 2008 he was treated for his addiction but never had he admitted to being addicted to sex.


Michael Douglas

You might have seen Douglas portraying the sexual driven roles in movies like Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction but the actor was even reported to be involved in sexual acts in his real life. It was even said that he entered the sex rehab in 1993.


Tiger Woods

He is one of the recent examples of celebrity sex addiction. It was 2010 when we heard that Tiger Woods had entered The Meadows, a clinic in Wickenburg, Ariz, for the treatment of sex addiction.



Kanye West

The known rapper aka singer Kanye himself admitted to Details magazine that he had a sex addiction in 2009. However, he never publicly accepted that he ever had a treatment for his addiction.


Russell Brand

Brand, who is best known for his character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, is also famous for womanizing. Rumours had it that he had slept with 80 women in a month. Unbelievable! He even took treatment for his sex addiction and well, now is recovered completely.

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You Won’t Believe These Famous Hollywood Celebrities Have Battled Their Sex Addiction

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