Why Are People Proud To Be Bi-Sexual? Here Are Some Answers That Will Fill Your Heart With Warmth

Bio sexual

There are many in our society who are confused about their sexuality and there are those who are still hiding in the darkness of the closet. However, some of the people have stood up to break the barriers of the society and get free from the shackles. Today we bring you responses by some amazing people who questioned the answer “why are proud to be a bi-sexual?” These answers will certainly leave you inspired.

Accepting the truth

“I’m proud to be bi because I know that this is valid and I want other people to know that I’m not just confused or questioning — I’m me.”


Accepting the identity

“I’m proud to be bi because it’s a huge part of my identity and how I love — and I’m always going to be proud to be me!”


It’s not hard

“I have no hard time in choosing who to LOVE.”

bio sexual

The right to equality

“A classmate texted me one day saying that me being so out encouraged her to become more open with herself and she came out to her parents. I just want to tell you all out there: Even if you aren’t accepted by who you are by one person, your fight for equality can inspire those around you.”

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It’s beautiful

“I’m bi and trans. My sexuality is complex and beautiful and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Show the world

“I’m proud to let my bi flag fly and my true colors shine.”


We are all the same

“I’m so happy to be a bisexual. Nothing sets me apart from queer or straight. I’m just bi.”


Self love

“I am not who I choose to love, but I love who I choose to be.”

The bigger picture

“I’m proud to be part of something bigger.”

More appreciation

“I am proud of the fact that I acknowledge my attraction to two or more genders. I am proud to be bisexual. I am proud to be me.”



Why Are People Proud To Be Bi-Sexual? Here Are Some Answers That Will Fill Your Heart With Warmth

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