Let’s Talk Birth Control: Smashing The Taboo For A Better World

Sex, condom, or pills, these often come out as the taboo words in the Indian society. Nonetheless, it is the reality that people are having physical intimacy and thus it is necessary to do that in the correct way.

Unlike the ‘culture’ teaches us, having sex isn’t something bad. However, what is necessary is having it in a safe way. Mostly when you are young make sure that you take all the measures that will not lead t any unwanted situations.

That is why, we are here today to take about contraceptives. To be more specific our topics deals with use of birth control and its help.


Yes, it is one of the most common forms of contraceptive that is available in the market that doesn’t create any side effects for the female. However, what you need to know is it is not 100% safe. Research shows that it is 82% effective. Still, make sure you use it every time you are having sex, despite what your partner argues. The best part is that it also keeps you safe from STDs.


Birth control sponge

Though it is pretty famous in the other parts of the world but not so much in India. However, that doesn’t mean you should not know about the same. They are about 88% effective when it comes to prevention of the unwanted pregnancy.

Birth control sponge

Cervical cup

The next in the line is the cervical cup. Yes, we know it is mostly used during your menstrual cycle but you can very well use it as a measure of protection. Guess what, it is about 86% effective.

Cervical cup

Female condom

There are condoms specially made for the females. They are useful and nice when properly used with an efficiency of about 79%.


Birth control vaginal ring

It is more of a prescription drugs rather than the over the counter ones. Besides being easy to use, it also cuts down on the side effects that are caused due to consumption of pills. This process is 91% effective. However, it still is costly when viewed as a means for the masses.

Birth control vaginal ring

Birth control pills

Though it delays your periods and causes other issues, but it is the most used way of birth control. It is easily available and is 91% effective.

birth control pills

Emergency pill

Just in case, you have unprotected sex and want to be sure, you can always opt for morning drugs or emergency birth control pills within 48 hours.

emergency contraceptive pills

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Which method will you prefer?



Let’s Talk Birth Control: Smashing The Taboo For A Better World

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