Thor: Ragnarok: Get ready for a wild ride with this new trailer


After the lagging performance of the 2nd Thor movie, no one thought that they could get excited about the third one in the series. But, oh boy! The new trailer of the movie Thor: Ragnarok is released and people are going crazy over it. Not only amazing graphics and special effects but it certainly has some cool sound effects that will pass a wave of thrill through you.

The look of the protagonist, Thor, is impeccable as always. Only this time for a section of the movie we will see his without his iconic long hairs.

Not to forget the trailer also show that Thor is thrown in as a contender in a fight where is opponent is none other than the incredible hulk.

Where will this story turn this time? We are surely very excited to know.



Thor: Ragnarok: Get ready for a wild ride with this new trailer

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