The Sexist Things We Should Stop Teaching Our Boys

We like it or not, we live in a world that has a huge gap between the genders. There are people who come up with the world sexist remarks that can make you fume with rage. However, stop for a moment and think, are they born with such distinctions in mind? Of course not! It is us, the society, who teaches them to give in the stereotypes and learn the sexist distinctions. That needs to change and the change will start when we take a step. Here are few things that we teach our boys that need to stop today for a better future.

Like a girl

Often when boys are charged with this line and meant that they are being bad about something. Is being like a girl bad? No! It is the time that we stop using it as an insult. This small but very powerful line can teach your kid to think that girls are the weaker one and being like them is bad.

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Play like a Girl
Boys will be boys

This is one of the lamest excuses to give when they give into acts that widen the gaps between the genders. It is not the shield that protects them from the mistakes they make. It also teaches the boys that the only way of doing anything is aggression.


Man up

The one thing that people say is that being a man is not vulnerable. It is said that they need to be tough, always. Really? Emotion is a natural thing and it is better to let it flow.

Men Drinking

Pink is not for boys

When will we stop discriminating the gender of people on color? This is simply inaccurate and needs to stop.

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The Sexist Things We Should Stop Teaching Our Boys

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