Reply From This Canadian Zoo Is Slap On Face Of Islamophobic Racists


We are all very aware of the present situation of the world where people are judged and discriminated based on so many things. Sad to say one of them is Religion. The thing that was supposed to bind all together is now a major reason for hate among people. The communal discrimination is often faced by many in different walks of life.


Presently, Islamophobia is the plague that is harming humanity in the worst possible manner. There are fanatics and haters who cannot let go of any chance to berate the people belonging from the faith of Islam.

Recently, a video was posted along with hateful comments and complain that Muslims were praying in Parc Safari in South of Montreal.


The video showed that a group of people gathered at the Zoo ground to offer their prayers. Two women actually started complaining about this ritual. The video got viral within few minutes of posting. While some defended the complainer others stood with the group of people praying.


The best response was given by the Zoo Authority themselves. They were blunt and direct in their reply about this video. The authorities said that they are sorry if someone is offended by others freedom of religion.

This is what they actually published: (use the first post. Take screenshot or link it)

The authorities of the zoo further said that this place is such where everyone is welcome as long as they are not hateful towards other people.

“We repeat: Safari Park is a place for everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, color, culture or sexual orientation.”

We think it is an absolute right move taken by the Zoo authorities. What is your stand?



Reply From This Canadian Zoo Is Slap On Face Of Islamophobic Racists

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