Ranveer Singh To Ring In His 32nd Birthday With an Amazing Surprise For All His Die-Hard Fans

Yes! Positivity is infectious and the coolest Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has surely done his part to make us believe this fact. The actor known for his magnanimous energy, live spirit, charming expressions and quirky sense of humor is a heartthrob of millions of people.

Well, Ranveer is all set to celebrate his 32nd birthday tomorrow i.e. on July 6 and this time it’s going to be coolest than ever. Ahead of his birthday, he has been getting a special gift from Paris and I am sure his gift would turn out as the awesome surprise for all RS fans.

Here’s how the actor will be celebrating his birthday.

Ranveer Singh (RS), who is gearing up for his upcoming flick Padmavati, has something even more exciting ahead of the film. Well, we are talking about his birthday that he’s going to celebrate tomorrow i.e. on July 6.

This time RS’s special day is going to be even more special for him as reportedly; a wax statue of Ranveer is going to get launched tomorrow at the Grevin wax museum in Paris so as to immortalize the hunk’s persona. Moreover, the wax statue will be kept in ‘Hall of Columns’, one of the known places of the museum.

For his statue, the sculptors Eric Saint Chaffray and the Grévin’s artistic teams earlier met up with RS and collected the needed information to complete the wax work. That time Ranveer was in Paris for his film Befikre when he gave all the measurements.

Ranveer would be the third B-town actor after Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan whose wax statue is going to be placed in Europe’s wax museum.

Well, let’s wait for tomorrow to see whether or not Ranveer’s wax statue does justice to his hyper-energetic personality.



Ranveer Singh To Ring In His 32nd Birthday With an Amazing Surprise For All His Die-Hard Fans

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